The car air conditioning condenser should be clean frequently

Issue Time:2015-10-01

Condenser problems will affect the coolingeffect. The last few days of sun exposure, many drivers have turned on the carair conditioning. Many drivers said that there has a serious odor in the aircondition, and the cooling effect is significantly reduced. Experts pointed outthat the air conditioning condenser mold and dust are the main causes of badodor and cooling affection.

Condenser coils requires frequent cleaning.According to reports, the high humidity of spring, low-frequencyair-conditioning, air conditioning condenser to form easily in the mold,leading to unpleasant smell when the open air. Owners can repair center or tobe disinfected by spraying fungicides. As long without air conditioning, air conditioningeasily leads to a huge backlog in the dust on the condenser coils. Long dustyroads and the car, dust phenomenon is more serious. Dust will lead directly tothe condenser cooling effect is not good. In addition, air-conditioning filtersshould be replaced. Before the arrival of hot weather, it is best to conduct acomprehensive automotive air conditioning cleaning sterilization work at thesame time pay attention to check the cooling fluid reservoir, radiator if aforeign body, etc., to restore air conditioning cooling effect, had a coolingsummer.

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