Refrigerator evaporator leakage solving methods

Issue Time:2015-10-01

There are five ways to solve refrigerators evaporator leakage.

1.Pickling welding.

First blocking evaporator leakage holes,then use sand paper burnish and wipe around the hole.Dropping a few drops of  rarehy drochloric acid around hole.Wait a moment,add a few drops of darker copper sulfate solution until the hole is surrounded by  copper.Pull out the hole blocking material,using 100w power soldering iron to welding.

2.Adhesive trapping.

Burnish and wipe around the evaporator hole,then coated with acetone solution for volatile.Use tc-311type adhesive  according to the 1:1 ratio and mix thoroughly applied to the evaporator hole.Cured for 24 hours at room temperature,carry out pressure  test until not leak.

3.Tin and aluminum welding.

Find some piecesof aluminum foil (Al: Sn = 3:7),then heated to above 600 ℃ to melt and cast a aluminum tin electrodes which diameter are 1.5-2 mm.Cleaning the surrounding of evaporator hole with a knife then use the 300w soldering iron to melt aluminum tin electrodes until the hole is filled by solder.

4.Friction welding with epoxy powder.

Takean abandoned epoxy printed circuit boards,with ferric chloride to clean thesurface corrosion.Then epoxy substrate processed into powder mixed with rosin and coated in the surrounding of evaporator hole.Use 300w electric soldering iron and tin friction around the hole can seal it completely.

5.Simple repair.

Clean the evaporator hole and coated with self-curing denture powder and self-curing denture water which ratio are 5:3.

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