How To Clean The Interior Of Your Refrigerator Freezer?

Issue Time:2015-09-16

If you have not cleaned your home refrigeration equipment for a long time, or ifyou are trouble in dealing with your messed-up refrigerator freezer, thenplease read some cleaning ways, maybe it will do good to you.

Cleaning Introductions:

1.First of all, turn off the refirgerator's temperature control and unplug therefrigerator.

2.Taking 1-2 spoon of baking soda, mix it together with one quart of water.

3.Use one cloth to wipe the refrigerator wall in this way, and then rinse it withwater.

4.Use a dry and clean cloth to wipe your refrigerator dry.

5.Cleaning your freezer door, vegetable drawers, ice storage bin, and otherplastic components in the same ways. Do remember not to put your glass in hot water, which may make your glass broken.

6.After cleaning your door gasket, you can put one thin layer of petroleun jellyto it, which can keep your gasket soft.

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