What Can You Do With The Terrible Smell Of freezer or showcase?

Issue Time:2015-09-16
As we all know, there will be a terrible smell in your refrigeration equipmentsince your freezer or showcase is used for a long time, or you seldom to cleanit on schedule. Maybe at present you are trouble in dealing with the bad smell,if you are, following is some small tips and advices for you to refresh your refrigerationequipment.

Tips For Cleaning Terrible Smell:

1.Lemon Tip:

Cuttingthe lemon into small pieces, and then place it in different layers of theupright refrigerator, after a period of time, the bad peculiar smell will beget rid of.

2.Charcoal Tip:

Takea suitable amount of charcoal, crush it and place in a small bag, put into theupright freezer, having a better and more obvious effect to clean the smell.

3.More Details:

Puttingsome Han Purple--purple pigment in one open container in the fridge, purplepigment, that is to say, Copper barium silicate, which can easily achieve thedeodorization effect. Generally, a pack of purple pigment for a 150 litres willbe ok, and then renew once per month. Full purple pigment is also effective.

Inaddition, you can respectively place 500 grams of baking soda into two emptybottles, and then put the bottle on the internal of the refrigeration equipment;After 24 hours, the bad odor will be removed successfully.

Moreover,taking a clean cotton towel, wet it and dry it, then fold on the side of therack in the refrigerator freezer, through the air convection, it will make agood adsorption effect on the fetid odor in the refrigeration freezer ordisplay cooler. Finally, do remember to wash the towels in warm water after aperiod of time.

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