Knowing The Common Problems Of Your Upright Freezer, being a repairman by yourself.

Issue Time:2015-09-16

Each family will have some problems of the upright  freezer that can not work well,then spend some time on making clear about these problems, and being a repairman by yourself. Numbers of problems of upright freezers are caused by a defective part which can be easily deal with. Read the following problems ofupright freezers, and next time maybe you can solve it on your own at once.

1.Upright freezer can not work

Once you can not hear the frost free upright freezer running and see the interior light turn on when you open the freezer door, then you can check whether thefreezer is plugged in and the circuit breaker switch is on. After that, adjust the thermostat to a lower setting to see whether this turns the motor on after one hour.

2.Upright freezer is not cooling

If your compact upright freezer is not cooling, then you can make sure there is enough air flow behind the freezer and inside the compartment. Make a rearrangement of your food to make your upright freezer is not entirely filled.Defrost the freezer to remove the ice which may cover the coils and prevent thefreezer door from closing.

3.Loud noise happening

Whenyou open the freezer door, and press down the door switch, you may listen to anexcess noise. That will remind you to change your circulating fan if the noiseis getting louder and louder with the door open. If the sound is coming from behind the freezer, then you have to ask one technician to inspect and replacethe compressor for your freezer.

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