The way of Automobile air conditioning condenser condenser placing

Oct 1,2015

Automobile air conditioning condenser is air-cooled condenser. Require forced air flow to spread the heat of thecondenser tube surface away. Condenser with good or bad effects is relateditself's cooling capacity and ventilation. The former is determined by thestructure, size, material and process, the latter driving wind and the size offan ventilation capacity, condensing device placement and diversion measuresaround the condenser coils.

Limited by the size of car space, carcondenser frontal area are often not enough. Therefore, requires to usecondenser coil which heat transfer more efficient structure. As the car ismoving objects, there are strict requirements on weight, so basically small andmedium sized automotive air conditioning use aluminum structure. Also, becausethe car's speed bumps running condition, the condenser coils structure, goodseismic performance.

Limitations due to its location on thevehicle, the arrangement of the condenser is very difficult, and the cooling inpoor condition. Under normal circumstances, the condensing pressure of 1.5 ~1.6 MPa. General room air conditioner condenser heat load,the cooling capacityusually about 1.2 times. But car air conditioners, the condenser must beconsidered poor working conditions, this ratio is about 1.4, even 1.6, so inorder to make the condenser has sufficient cooling capacity.

Automobile air conditioning condenser,arranged in the car most of the head, side (front back), or vehicle, there arearranged on the roof. For installation in the car at the end of the condensershould be additional protective nets to prevent splashing up the sand damage groundcondenser. For the layout of the front wheel behind the condenser coils shouldbe out front taking into account the impact of dust on the condenser: thearrangement of the condenser on the roof, to consider the row of the rains.

The ways of placing condenser have a lot:The common way is to install the condenser of the front of engine water tanks.Both them are overlapping arrangement. Radiator fan and car travel by air for cooling: In this way, sometimes can affect the normal operation of the tank,thereby it will affect the engine performance.





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