How to Clean the Condenser Coils in Your AC

Sep 14,2015
When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, there is nothing more important than having a reliable air conditioner. However, over time, even the very best of ACs can begin to fall into disrepair. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean and maintenance your air conditioner. Having clean A/C condenser coils will make your AC run cooler and more efficiently. Learn how you can clean your condenser coils yourself by following these simple, step-by-step instructions.

How to Clean the Air conditioner Condenser Coils?
1. Turn off the condenserunit: Dothis by switching off the power from the source. There should be a shut-off box near the outdoor unit. If you cannot find one, cut off power from the circuit breaker.
2. Clear area aroundcondenser: Make sure any debris is removed andcleared from around the unit. Cut the grass around this area and trim away anybranches.
3. Remove the accesspanels: This can be done using a screwdriver ora nut driver.
4. Remove the top of theair conditioner: This will give you access to inside ofyour air conditioner.
5. Clean the fan: Use arag to clean out the fan. You can also use a vacuum to clean away any dirt fromthe fan.
6. Lubricate the fan: Applya small amount of lubricant to each of the fans lubrication ports.
7. Brush the airconditioner coils: Use a whiskbroom to brush away any dirtor debris from the air conditioner coils.
8. Spray the coils: Before you start, cover any electric wires or motors with plastic to protect themagainst the water. Then, use a hose to gently spray the coils to remove anytrapped dirt.
9. Use a cleaner: Use abiodegradable foaming cleaner mixed with water to get a deeper clean. Spray thecleaner on the outside of the coils. Let this soak for 10 minutes. Next tryspraying the water from the inside of the unit out so that any dirty getspushed out of the coils.
10. Put air conditionerback together: Now you’re finished! Simply reattach everything and turn your air conditioner back on.





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