Tips to Extend the Life of Your Chest Freezer

Issue Time:2015-09-11
Tips to Extend the Life of Your Chest Freezer (and Decrease Servicing Costs)

1. Notice that the chest freezer isn’t sealing in the corners? Stop using it as a bench and stop sitting on it!
- This causes the lid to bend in the middle causing the edges to lift up and leak in warm air

2. To increase the chest freezers efficiency never put it on carpet and elevate the chest freezer onto blocks of wood to increase air flow under the freezer (that’s where the condenser is)

3. Always check to ensure it’s not on “fast freeze” because this will shorten the life of your freezer

4. The ideal temperature is -18 degrees. Any colder and you’re wasting power/money

5. Tip for buying a new chest freezer: Don’t always go for the more “energy efficient” ones (eg 4 out of 5 energy stars), because it means they have put a smaller motor/compressor in! It won’t last as long and will struggle in summer!
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