Benefits of Chest Freezers over other freezers

Sep 10,2015

Benefits of Chest Freezers over other freezers

  • Holds more food per square foot than upright freezers
  • Vary in capacity size from 5.0 cu. ft. to 25.0 cu. ft.
  • Smaller price tags for a smaller up-front investment
  • Usually available as a manual defrost unit
  • Lift-out drawers and baskets that slide provide added organization and visibility
  • Increased energy-efficiency over other kinds of freezers

Common Features

  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Freezer chest models with an adjustable temperature control provide you with the capability to choose the ideal climate for the quantity of food you’ve got in the freezer. This enhances efficiency and prevents food from getting too warm or too cold.chest freezer diagrams
  • Alarm: Some models feature an alarm which will sound if temperatures alter occurs too quickly. Usually, the problem is an open door and the alarm informs you in sufficient time to close it and prevent food from spoiling.
  • Magnetic Door Seal: Tightly sealed doors tend to be more energy efficient, and magnetically sealed doors close reliably to prevent the cold from escaping.
  • Interior Lights: Many chest freezers have interior lights,which makes it eaiser for you to see and organize your food.
  • Door Lock: Freezers with door locks are particularly useful for those who have young children. Locking the door doesn’t just block access, it also helps prevent young ones from unintentionally leaving the door open and spoiling food. Door locks also guarantee that the unit stays tightly sealed to conserve the most amount of energy.
  • Adjustable Shelves and Storage Baskets: Shelves and baskets help you to organize food, allowing you to sort new from old so that you can prioritize usage more quickly.
  • Food Spoilage Warranty: For those who keep a lot of food in your freezer, review the particular warranty of your freezer because some models provide compensation in the event the freezer fails and food spoils.
  • Textured Steel Doors: If you decide to keep your freezer in a living area, textured steel doors hide finger prints to keep the unit looking clean and attractive.




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