How to Select the Freezer and Refrigerators for the supermarket ?

Update Time:2015/9/4
First: Classify according to the number of the doors, can be divided into single-door freezer, double door freezer, multi-door freezer.

Second, Classify by using function :

1. Refrigerated cabinet : cabinet temperature is maintained within the range of 0 ~ 10 ℃, store drinks , eggs , dairy products , fruits , vegetables , etc., depending on the intended purpose can be used, can also be used for storage of medicines , vaccines , and flowers . The former is a vertical side of the door.

2. Freezer: cabinet temperature is usually below -18 ℃, can be used to freeze food and long-term storage of frozen food or other items . Mostly vertical door structure . 

3. Refrigerated freezer : Box with insulation into two or more different temperatures storeroom door or double door freezer. Each of which has openable door, wherein at least one of which is one refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment are respectively used to store refrigerated and frozen food. 

4. Refrigerated and frozen swap cabinet: a new multifunctional single door freezer, converted by the thermostat, make freezer refrigerators or freezers for use, in order to meet the requirements of users in different periods. This is China's Green&Health freezer factory for the Chinese market characteristics of the development of a new class of products. For freezer with freezer compartment or frozen food storage compartment, at the front door (or cover) is provided with star mark, to  distinguish the freezer temperature or frozen food storage compartment, the temperature with an asterisk "*" as an indicator.

Third, when used according to the climate classification:

1. Sub-temperate type freezer (SN): sub-temperate climate suitable for freezer use. You can work in an ambient temperature range of 10 ~ 32 ℃.

2. Temperate type freezer (N): suitable for freezer use a temperate climate. You can work in an ambient temperature range of 16 ~ 32 ℃.

3. Subtropical type freezer (ST): suitable for freezer use a subtropical climate. You can work in an ambient temperature range of 18 ~ 38 ℃.

4.  Tropical freezer (T): suitable for freezer use in tropical climates. You can work in an ambient temperature range of 18 ~ 43 ℃.

5. Wide climatic zones freezer: suitable for two or more different climate  freezer use. Can work in a wide range of ambient temperatures. This is Green&Health according to China North-South differences in climate characteristics of a large design and development of a new product type.

Fourth: by the use of different places freezer can be divided into household electric freezers, commercial electric freezer, kitchen freezer, medical freezer, low temperature freezer and so on.





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