what is a chest freezer?

Update Time:2015-10-01

What is a chest freezer?

They are refrigerators that open up from the top just like a trunk or suitcases and hold more food per cubic foot than upright freezers. They occupy more floor space, but they are more energy efficient and usually carry a discounted price tag.chest freezer interior

Freezer chest interiors are most frequently available in manual defrost configurations. You will need to keep this in mind, since it is best to place a manual defrost model near a drain for simpler water management.

They may require a little more effort to organize, but pull-out drawers and sliding baskets will help you monitor your frozen items and prevent food spoilage

They  tend to be more energy efficient than upright freezers since their design permits the door to seal more tightly, so food items will remain colder during power failures.

They can be placed in a range of different locations, from your basement to your garage. Regardless, you will need one that is reliable, has enough storage capacity, and has all of the features of modern refrigeration units. Not only that, but you will want one that will look attractive in your home.

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