How to select the lower noise supermarket display freezer?

Update Time:2015/10/1

We carefully selected the supermaker display freezer/island freezer to take for business, improve our customer's satisfaction and greatly reduce their after sales worrying, but supermarket dispaly freezer noise will seriously affecting the feeling of comsumers , everyone distress in the freezer for how to eliminate noise .

Here are a few tips for you, we hope they are helpful.
First, it is important to make sure the supermarket island freezer stably landed  & placed on a flat and firm ground , for big shopping mall and supermarket. this point generally do not worry, for the kind of open-air use of refrigerated cabinets, convenient store freezers, display cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. placed where irregularities or  move frequently, they should pay more attention. Some manufacturers generally comes with bottom freezer legs adjust the balance knob to adjust the minimum noise freezer fixed up. If not, it can add rubber foot pad in the refrigerator, so that the noise to a minimum.

Eliminate the noise, it is best to avoid resonance. To check the connection between the outside of the pipe with reinforced box if somewhere loose, causing the compressor to produce resonance, so the compressor must be fixed. Sometimes a fixed base pad or the engine floor is not tight, which may be damping plate compressor caused by loose or uneven force, adjust or tighten the connection part will be helpful.

if the rear side of the supermaker display freezer is very close to the wall better make sure the wall and unit into a certain inclination. The most appropriate is 1-3 degrees makes one side of cooler opening bigger,and the other side be smaller, like a trumpet. bigger side creat more noise, it is better to face the object, a small side is relatively lower noise, should face the crowd.

Generally supermarket display freezer/ chiller has two is self-contained system and another is remote system.

self-contained system can lower some noise by the above tips.but for example the open type dairy chiller.the power of compressor is very big.that will creat noise unavoid.remote system put the compressor outside the cabinet , which mean move the noise from inside to outside the room. make the supermarket be quiet.





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