what is the working principle of atmospheric water generator?

Update Time:2015-08-19

The atmospheric water generatorgets water by the drive of air humidity and air temperature, i.e. it means the total water quantity the product takes depends on air humidity and temperature.The best performance of the product can be achieved in the ideal condition whenair humidity is at least over 70%. The product can also take water but withwater taking speed decreased in areas with lower humidity levels. In familyenvironment, the product is generally placed around the kitchen, under the openwindow and in the comparatively large room. Also, the product works in roomswith air-conditions, but we suggest that the windows shall be open for ventilationat night.

Since the atmospheric watergenerator converts the water vapor in the air into water, the product can alsobe used as the dehumidifier. The product can be used as not only theatmospheric water generator but the dehumidifier in areas with comparativelyhigh humidity, which guarantees the users' fitness and longer service life forother household appliances.

The product adopts the multiple-airfiltering technology for high quality.

The water producing speed willdrop suddenly in the cold and dry season and at this moment the product shallbe used as the water purifier by being connected to the municipal water.

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