How to set up air to water generator to use?

Update Time:2015-10-01

1. Please make sure all the components inside the air to water generator package are installed well completely. Lay the air to water generator on hard and smooth ground, with the placing location favorable for air ventilation,keep not less than 20 cm away from the wall and pull down the brake pulley pole to fix the machine.

2. Allow the air to water generator machine to acclimate for at least 2 hours before plugging onto any power.

3. The limited load current of sockets and power cords shall be not lower than 10 Amp and electric shock protector shall be installed and grounded well.

4. For the first time operation,it is suggested to fill up the bottom tank with tap water. Turn on the power switch ON/OFF after being charged until water flows from the hot water tap,press down the button of cold and hot water with 1 L water discharged respectively, and at last drain the remaining water from the hot water outlet at the back of the machine.

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