Safety instruction of atmospheric water generator

Update Time:2015-10-01

Safety instruction of atmospheric water generator

Safety instruction

1. The socket grounding shall besafe and reliable.

2. Do not remove the groundingterminal out from the power line.

3. Neither external plugs norexternal power adapters shall be used.

4. The product shall be far awayfrom toxic gas and liquid.

5. Do not use any worn powercords or plugs.

6. Unplug the power cord beforemaintenance.

7. The product shall not share asocket with other electrical equipments with high power consumption.

8. Replace components correctlywith the corresponding ones suggested by the manufacturer.

9. Do not unplug live plugs withwet hands.

10. Use the accessory water pipeto connect the municipal water inlet and do not use the broken water pipe toconnect this machine.

11. When moving this product,please pull out the power plug and empty all the water tanks with the tiltangle not over 20°during moving.


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