Ultrasonic Copper Tube Sealing /Welding Machine, high efficiency and safe welding

Ultrasonic Copper Tube Sealing /Welding Machine, high efficiency and safe welding
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Update Time2021-05-07
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1.   Overview

Ultrasonicmetal welding machine transmits the generated sound wave on the metal parts throughthe special mold, with a high frequency of 20,000 times per second and acertain amplitude, so make the two metal joint surface bond instantaneously aftermelting by intense friction and exchanging. So ultrasonic welding has theadvantages of fast speed, firm weld, good sealing and low fabrication cost. Itovercomes the low efficiency, poor appearance, bad products by adhesive,solvent or electric heating way.


Shinnoultrasonic metal spot welding machine adopts integrated circuit control, high automation,easy operation, it is equipped with protection circuit and ensures safe use, itoffers stable and reliable work.


Thismachine is specially used for welding sealing and cutting of non-ferrous metalmaterial copper tube and aluminum tube.


Maintechnical specification:

l  Outersize LxWxH:500x120x160mm

l  Netweight: 15kgs (no generator)

l  Powersupply: AC220V±10%   50/60HZ

l  Ultrasonicpower: 3000W±10%

l  Ultrasonicfrequency: 20 KHz±0.5

l  Weldingtime: 0.05~3S

l  Workingair pressure: 1.96×1056.68×105Pa

l  Weldinghead valid working stroke: 12mm

l  Weldedcopper tube diameter: :Φ210mm Wall thickness1mm




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