Automatic Steel Wire Shelf Wire Basket Gantry Resistance Welding Machine

Automatic Steel Wire Shelf Wire Basket Gantry Resistance Welding Machine
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Part A: Customized Design

Customized application: for the production of steel wire shelf

Accordingto the welding requirement & the dimension of all wire shelves, we designedmachine DNA-2×150KVA gantry automatic welding machine with double stations, so two shelves can be weld horizontally at the same time, also machine canautomaticlaly feed steel wire vertically, it will greatly improve working efficiency.

Thereforethe design of this machine is also for reference of any steel wire product sincluding wire shelf, wire mesh, defence guard etc.


Part B:Construction of the machine

Thediameter of the steel wire: φ2.5-7mm

Dimensionof the grid: the available width is 914mm (the joint of two grids maximumwidth)

Dimensionof the grid: the available length is 720mm (the maximum length of a grid)



Thegeneral design sketch of machine structure:


Part D: Machinegeneral description:

Themachine is consisted of two parts: the working part and the controllingpart. 

1.The machine is designed with gantry frame, there are two AC resistance weldingtransformers (150KVA) installed under the machine rack, one working of bothtransformers can finish the welding of one row steel wire.

2.Machine’s welding part adopts pneumatic system, eight welding cylinders areinstalled on top of the machine, and each cylinder provides separate weldingpressure needed for each welding spot. There are two support cylinders belowthe machine, they work together when welding.

3.In the front of machine working table, there is sliding device (like trolley)to put steel wire shelf; the welding fixture loaded on the trolley.

4.All performance of the machine is controlled by the PLC (Programmable LogicController), there are two resistance welding controllers equipped to controlpressurization, welding, maintenance, pause time & welding current.

5.In the rear of the machine, the feeding device is installed; it automaticallydrops 1 horizontal wire simutaneously.

6.During the welding process, workers only need to put the shelf frame & takeout finished shelf from fixture by hand; All other steps including delivering,stepping, welding, feeding, resetting act automatically.

7.Capacity is 2x150KVA, the voltage is 380V±10%, 50/60Hz, the pressure of thecompressed air is more than 0.6Mpa, the pressure of the cooling water is morethan 0.2Mpa.


Part E: Designadvantage:

Controlledby the PLC, the welding performance is normative; it can weld multiple wireshelf products in big Lot.

Themachine adopts module of one-time pressing & electric discharging welding,it can reduce the deformation of wire shelf.

Itis suitable to any dimension shelf within the sizes, only needs to change thefixture and adjust the feeding device.

Theelectricity of each cylinder is independent and can be controlled freely incertain range; it is convenient and easy to operate.

One-timepressure welding, save time and improve the production efficiency.

Thewelding speed: 1~2 seconds/row

Themachine is controlled by the microcomputer; it can store mutiple weldingparameters for different products.


Part F: Maintechnical specifications:

Theinput voltage: 380±10%   50/60Hz

Therated power: 2×150KVA

Thesecondary voltage: 11V

Themax welding current: 28.7KA

Theloading duration factor: 50%

Insulationresistance of the input current to the machine body: ≥2.5MΩ

Theworking environment:temparture≤ 40℃,relativehumidity≤90%

Thepressure of the air supply: ≥0.5Mpa

Theworking pressure: adjustable from 0.5 to 2.2KN

Thecooling way of the electrode: the cycled water-cooling

Theproduction efficiency: 4~6 shelves/minute

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