Chrome coated plastic domestic plumbing factory in China

Chrome coated plastic domestic plumbing factory in China
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Update TimeSeptember 26,2023
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Silver chrome plating for abs plastic part

We manufacture a widerange of parts with chrome plating for our many prestigious customers, rangingfrom household appliance parts to industrial equipment.

Our mission is dedicated to help small to medium sized companies to be more competitivein the global marketplace.
We achieved this by manufacturing your product at competitive cost and bestservice.

Why choose us?

Extensive capabilities

Foryears, we provide customs following services and productions including:

- Plastic injection mould

Wehave own reliable mould factory for our own plastic parts or directly for thecustomer. The mould is made by requirement and specifications from thecustomer. It is cost controlling and quality controlling.

- Plastic injection
We have over 10pcs injection machine from 100grams to 1000grams, which enableus to inject all sizes small to medium size plastic piece. Professionalengineers manage the production process to ensure good qualities.

- Plastic chrome plating
We have own full automatic electro chrome plating line, this enable us verycompetitive cost for chrome plating together with strict quality controlling.

- Assembly
Professional workers are able to assembly all kinds of plastic-plastic,plastic-metal piece, plastic-aluminum or copper piece.

- Package
Safety, strong packing is most important to long voyage logistics goods, ourconcern of package is very idea for both cost saving and products protection.

Quality Control
Thetrue worrying and biggest risks for all customers ifthey place order in a low cost manufacturing centre like China is quality.
We are striving as much as possible to protect our customers from this risk.
Our high experienced team continuously monitors all our customers’products for quality and dimension; we use the very latest technology to do so,ensuring that every part is to the quality and precision you require. We evenensure that there is not even the slightest shift in the colour of your productparts. it is our QC people who ensure that every one of your products that wemanufacture is to the quality you expect

Cost saving:

- Our factory located in Yuyao, Ningbo City, China which is the keywholesale & logistics centre for plastic resin, accordingly its industry ofplastic mould fabrication & plastic injection are very developed. Inaddition, advantage like low labor cost & high efficiency of workers are availablehere.  This enables us to provide themost competitive prices.

- Our team is very professional and experienced in the plastic & plasticchrome plating industry; this enables us to think comprehensively to ourcustomers during project negotiation, we serve customers efficiently withoutadding a large overhead to their costs.

IP protection:

- We understand thatin order to manufacture our customer's products, we must have access to designsand other product details. We take the responsibility of safeguarding thisintellectual property extremely seriously.

Welcome to send us your idea, drawing,samples to us for the beneficial and trusted cooperation.

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