GMCC R290 made a breakthrough in environmental refrigerant technology

Feb 28,2018
One of the largest compressor manufacturers in the world, GMCC has started to develop R290 environmental refrigerant technology since 2004, after over 10 years, GMCC R290 made a breakthrough in environmental refrigerant technology and has achieved many leading results so far. Moreover, as the compressor manufacturer leader, GMCC R290 environmental refrigerant has been applied to many air-conditioning companies, TCL's first batch of domestic R290 air conditioning production line, Haier low-carbon environmental R290 air-conditioned settled in the United Nations building, the United States thousands of environmentally friendly low-carbon R290 air-conditioning settled Jiaxing, etc., R290 has entered the commercialization phase, but also with the GMCC craftsmanship are inseparable.

GMCC advocates the concept of "craftsmanship"
Craftsmanship is the new word of the 2016 government work report. Promote the consumer goods industry by variety, quality, brand, and better meeting the needs of the masses to upgrade. Premier Li Keqiang first referred to "artisan spirit" in the 2016 Work Report of the Government and the statement of "quality revolution" was first used in the press bulletin of the State Council executive meeting. GMCC fit the current advocacy of "craftsmanship", crafted on their products, excellence, and applied to the actual product development, manufacturing, R290 environmental refrigerant success, reflecting the GMCC advocate "craftsmanship" concept.

It is from the following four points GMCC practice and interpretation of the "craftsmanship":
1, excellence. Focus on the details, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, at the expense of time and energy, repeated improvement of the product, the process of quality control continued to improve, 99% to 99.99%.
2, rigorous, meticulous. GMCC has a complete quality management system to achieve the entire process of product quality management from product planning, design, trial, test and mass production to ensure the quality of each component, the product to adopt strict testing standards, never meet the requirements Easy delivery.
3, patience, focus, adhere to. GMCC adhere to the customer-centric, product-centric business focus, around the consistency of product performance to enhance the construction of multi-level internal quality improvement system, and constantly improve their products and services.
4, professional, dedicated. GMCC customer management continued to improve, the continuous improvement of quality levels, the goal is to create the industry's best supplier of compressors to achieve green electricity system.

GMCC R290 refrigerant leads environmental pioneer
R290 chemical name is propane, with dual characteristics of environmental protection and high efficiency. R290 is a substance that exists in nature and contains only carbon and hydrogen in its molecule. It has no effect on the ozone layer and is highly efficient and reliable. The R290 has excellent thermal characteristics and is significantly more energy efficient than air-conditioning systems Improve system costs can also be significantly reduced; with protective design measures to improve system reliability. Because of these advantages, R290 refrigerant products by the refrigeration industry has been widespread concern.
During R & D of R290 compressor, GMCC found that in R290 air-conditioning system, the refrigerant is mainly distributed in condensers and compressors, accounting for 62% and 26% respectively. Therefore, the compressor can and should be optimized for the corresponding design to reduce the refrigerant content in the compressor. In this way, under the limited refrigerant charge, the quality of the refrigerant participating in the cycle can be increased, so as to meet the performance requirements of the relevant standard while limiting the refrigerant charge. After analysis, from the compressor design point of view, low oil and miniaturization technology is the R290 compressor design of the main direction.
It is because of GMCC's artisan spirit, and has always been the standard requirements of their own quality and enhance the pursuit of technology, continue to carve their own products, continuous improvement of technology, developed R290 environmental refrigerant products. GMCC has high requirements on details, pursues perfection and extremeness, has persistent perseverance and pursuit for quality, and improves quality from 99% to 99.99%. Though its profit is slight, GMCC will benefit the world forever.

GMCC practices low-carbon environmental protection
GMCC develops R290 refrigerant that benefits the environment with its leading technology with "craftsmanship spirit of excellence, rigorousness, patience and professionalism", practicing a road of low-carbon environmental protection, and obtaining international and national GMCC R290 environmental refrigerant Many awards, further recognized the GMCC green R & D results for China and the world as an alternative to environmental refrigerant outstanding technical force, I believe in the coming days, R290 will give full play to power, leading the appliance industry to green era!




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