Refrigeration foam raw material epoxy propane price increased greatly

Feb 28,2018
After the Spring Festival, the factories gradually returned to work. The news of the price increase of epoxy propane coming from the chemical market again attracted people's attention. According to information, after the holiday factories increased price continously, following the Shandong, South China, East China and other major producers generally raised the price last week, February 26, Wanhua Chemical, Tianjin Dagu and other manufacturers continue to raise prices.

Long Yao, petrochemical analyst Cheng Yao told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, epoxy propane prices and market supply and demand imbalances last year, affected by environmental protection policies, the industry as a whole operating rate of only about 75%, reducing the supply of phases Market speculation, making epoxy propane prices continued to rise.

This reporter has learned that the downstream products mainly propylene oxide polyether polyols, white foam material in the refrigerator raw materials. Propylene oxide prices also led to rising costs of white matter, on the other hand, black foam material in the refrigerator prices soared last year. As a result, the domestic refrigerator manufacturers increased cost control pressure. Propylene oxide price adjustment year

Propylene oxide is an important basic chemical raw materials, mainly for the production of polyether polyols, propylene glycol, which, polyether polyol is an important raw material for the production of polyurethane foam.

According to information from Baichuan, February 26, the main producer of propylene oxide Wanhua Chemical raised the offer for 12,900 yuan / ton, Tianjin Taku reported 12,400 yuan / ton to 12,500 yuan / ton.

Longzhong Petrochemical to the "Daily News" correspondent to provide the latest data show that February 26 Shandong, South China, propylene oxide mainstream offer for the 12,400 yuan / ton to 12,500 yuan / ton; mainstream offerings in East China in the 12700 yuan / ton ~ 12800 yuan / ton. Cheng Yao told reporters that this wave of propylene oxide price increases from February 22 onwards, February 22, 23 daily 100 yuan / ton to rise.

In her view, the price of propylene oxide is mainly due to the imbalance between supply and demand in the market. "The main mode of production of propylene oxide chlorohydrin method, this approach is more polluting the environment.Environmental protection policies tighter context, the start of last year, industrial installations have also been affected, resulting in a phased supply reduction.In addition, propylene oxide this The profits of chemicals have been high, some people speculation in the market. "Cheng Yao explained to reporters.

In fact, the price of propylene oxide has risen substantially throughout 2017. Binhai Chemical (601678) (601678, SH) announcement shows that from January to December 2016, the average selling price of propylene oxide products company was 7710.95 yuan / ton, but from January to December 2017 the average selling price of the product was raised to 9080.61 yuan / ton, an increase of 17.76%.

When it comes to the market outlook is expected, Cheng Yao believes that short-term point of view, early March propylene oxide prices are still up space. Because with the terminal companies started one after another, the demand for propylene oxide will also increase, and now manufacturers are relatively low inventories; in the long term, some mainstream propylene oxide manufacturers in March, April after another peak off production maintenance, when the market Supply will also be reduced.

Refrigerator manufacturers under pressure

This reporter has learned that the price of propylene oxide spread to downstream industries. Refrigerators, freezers in the foam material is divided into black and white material, white material is polyether, black material is commonly known as polymeric MDI. Foam material is mainly filled in the refrigerator liner between the outer layer for the refrigerator insulation. Propylene oxide is the raw material for white material, and its price increase has also been transmitted to the refrigerator manufacturers.

Meiling said in a preview of the 2017 results announced a few days ago that the company expects its net profit in 2017 to fall by 77.30% to 97.73% from the same period of last year mainly due to the substantial increase in the prices of bulk commodities such as steel, isocyanate and polyether. The " Raw materials rose by more than 60% last year, putting tremendous pressure on the company's product cost control. "

Zhu Wenjie Meiling Securities representative told reporters that the isocyanate and the combination of polyether refers to the black material and white material.

In the interview process, the reporter found that, relative to the white material prices, black material prices last year, the refrigerator industry was even more "talk of black." Wanhua Chemical released the price adjustment announcement of polymerized MDI (black material) for two consecutive months in August and September 2017, raising the listing price of its distribution market.

Oma Electric refrigerator division Yao Youjun, deputy general manager earlier this year told the "Daily Economic News" reporter last year, the price of foam materials in refrigerators is very obvious. At the beginning of 2016, the price of foamed material is about 10,000 yuan / ton, but the price of foaming material once reached 40,000 yuan / ton, almost 3 times higher. According to him, a refrigerator probably need 4 to 5 kg of foam material.

This reporter learned that, due to black and white materials and other bulk raw material prices, including Meiling, Oma and other manufacturers have carried out price hikes on its refrigerator products last year.

According to AVC monitoring data, in 2017, the market price of refrigerator products in the offline market will increase by about 15% and the online price will increase by about 10%. Total channel push down, the overall price of the refrigerator industry increased by 4% to 5%.




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