How to ensure right sample for customer?

Update Time:2015/11/17


One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive - it's not what you wanted.  Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely! 

Following your inquiry we will first ensure we understand your requirements COMPLETELY - what materials are acceptable/not acceptable; what finish is required; what packaging is preferred etc.  

We would then supply you with one or more choices of BRONZE sample.  Not necessarily packaged, not necessarily in the colors required, these samples would be yours to confirm which one you are happy with us to proceed with - both product type and supplier.

Taking into account your comments regards that sample's quality and ability; we would then supply a SILVER sample.  Where possible, this will be in the required color, with the required branding and with required packaging.  Should you require a specific pantone number, logo branding or bespoke packaging with your company details or text, we would ordinarily show this separately.  

For samples production we do our best to keep outlay costs to a minimum, ensuring you get the best value product on receipt of goods.

Only when you are happy with Silver sample, with product colors and with artwork, would we look to place official order with the factory.  Prior to shipment you will then receive TWO GOLD samples which will be 'exactly as you should expect to receive order'.  GOLD samples serve two purposes - a final check to ensure product is as expected; and as a measure which we encourage you to use as a template, yardstick or barometer when your goods arrive.  Our trained and diligent QA team uses this gold sample when inspecting goods before they leave the manufacturer. If it doesn't match up, it will not ship.

When you are happy with the gold samples, we will be hapy to ship the goods to you.





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