As a trading company, how to source?

Update Time:2015-11-17


We work closely with the best manufacturers in refrigeration field in 3-hrs driving distance, to ensure fast response and best service to our customer.

We continuously discover and check nearby manufacturers to ensure always offering best price and matching good quality to our customer.

We will always secure quotes and samples from multiple manufacturers before selecting the right match for our customer.

We continue to monitor our chosen manufacturers to ensure they remain the right match for price and product quality.

Our vigilance in tracking currency fluctuations, raw material costs and labor costs enable us to advise our clients on forward purchasing or product adaptations to protect profitability.

Whether you are looking for a manufacturing base capable of producing a brand new product; seeking a factory with the ability to add new and innovative products to your ready established range, or simply looking for an alternative or more cost-effective source for established product, we feel sure we can help.

We can suggest manufacturers - one, two or more where required, willing and capable of supplying you whatever it is you need whether it is for a one-time order or as part of an on-going range where consistency is vital for the reputation of you and your customers.

Being on the ground, so to speak, we understand not only your issues but those of Chinese suppliers.  So when labor, fuel and material costs change, we can provide alternatives to help keep costs to a minimum.

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