Rubber Pipe Insulation Fire Retardant Waterproof Closed Cell Foam Pipe Heat Preservation Pipe

Rubber Pipe Insulation Fire Retardant Waterproof Closed Cell Foam Pipe Heat Preservation Pipe
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Rubber insulation pipe is a soft closed cell thermal-insulation material which is formed by using rubber and plastic as its main raw material. Excellent NBR and PVC are used as basic raw materials, through a variety of craft foaming. It is applicable to those medium with temperature of -50℃—+120℃ and its closed cell structure  has excellent insulation performance together with relatively low moisture absorption rate.

Product characteristics

♦ health  

SGS certified, reusable

♦ high damp-resistance factor

Wet resistance factor of more than 7,000, cut off the cold and heat bridge, anti-condensation.

♦ low thermal conductivity

At 0 °λ≤0.034W/(m·k) belongs to the closed-cell material, insulation effect

Strong resistance to water vapor permeability, thermal conductivity remains stable for a long time.

Material long life, long-term operation of energy-saving effect

easy and quick instal 

Material is soft, easy installation

Packing carton is printed with installation template

♦ good fireproof property

In line with national standards GB8624, American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)-D635 and Japanese Industrial Standard K-6911 flame retardant grade.

Meet the requirements of fire-retardant B1 level or C level-above stated in Classification Method on Combustion Performance of Building Materials of the national standard GB 8624.

 Has the wall thickness needed for thermal-insulation projects.

◎has eight series of pipeline materials: D,F,H,M,R,T',U,V.

◎The H,M,R,T series have insulation wall thickness


To meet the application in different fields.

Be applied to a variety of central air conditioning system refrigeration units and equipment; Chilled water pipes, condensate pipes, ducts and hot water pipes, home piping systems, solar energy systems, public places, industrial plants, clean rooms and medical education institutions.


Easily solve the five kinds of demand 

Air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating, domestic hot water.

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