How to reasonably reduce the cost of plastic injection mould?

Aug 2,2017

Plastic injection mould is the biggest cost or investment of making a plastic part. 

Here we share some advices about how to reasonably reduce the cost of mould making.

1.Reasonable Part Design

Part design is the most important factor to impact the cost of mould. Bad design is diaster for the mould maker. In many cases, the cost of Plastic Injection Mould  increases largely due to an unneccessary undercut design. It is benefit for a product designer to know more knowledge of mould. Adequate communication between designers and engineers can help to reduce the cost of mould making.

2.Design changement

We often meet the situation that we get the notice of design changing after we already confirm the structure of mould and purchase the mould base. It is ok for the tiny variety of design. But many times the change would be huge. Then we have to overthrow the confirmed structure of mould and redesign it. It is better to do more test of prototypes before starting the mould making.

3.Mould Design

For a experienced mould design team, there are many fixed structure of mould for some specific products. Their
experience can reduce the risk of failure and reduce the cost of mould. It is important for the product designer to
reach the right suppliers.

4.Number of mould trials

Before start up of mass production, the manufacturer would do some sample runs to test the mould performance, it was named mould trial. The higher number of mould trial, the higher cost of mould. Generally speaking, the ideal mould shop should have an experienced engineer to do the test.

We always guaranteed at least 50~100shots for mould final trials before its package and shipment.

5.Mould material and standard components

The high quality mould dependent on the high quality mould material and standard components. Some cheap material and components may result in many problems when manufactring the plastic parts.

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