Why we promote the tea table water dispenser?

Issue Time:2015-08-14

The traditional water dispenser was sold in market over 15 years here in China. But now this water dispenser was accepted by less and less customers, why?
a. Water quality
Bottle or jug drinking water itself is healthy and safe.
But traditional water dispenser’s water tank and tube will accumulate lotslimescale, dirty and bacteria after period time using.
Also in hot water tank there is continuous boiling, as the hot water will coolafter sometime, then automatically the warm water will be boiled again to makeit hot.
These will greatly reduce the quality of drink water.

b. Water temperature
Generally traditional water dispenser can boil hot water temperature up to 90°C,such hot water temperature is not good quality for teaor coffee drinking.

c. Energy saving
The continuous boiling of hot water will greatly waste energy.

So we would like to recommend and promote the new concept and new innovation tea bar water dispenser.
Typical benefits:
a. Water quality
- Hot water boiled in electric kettle, fresh take and fresh boiling.
- You can take the water quantity as you want to boil.
- No any pollution or dirty in water delivery, healthy and clean water always

b. Water temperature
- Hot water temperature made by electric kettle up to 100°C,it is very good for drink tea, milk and coffee.

c. Energy saving
- You can boil the water quantity as you want, boil the water at time when youwant, greatly save energy.

d. Elegent design- It is more elegant in design.  can be placed in office, meeting room, sales shop, home etc.

We invite partners all over world to promote this new concept  tea table water dispenser.


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