Some moulding design requirements for plastic electroplating

Update Time:2017-09-07

There are a number of design requirements for the successful moulding of electroplating plastic parts:

  • Integral parts should be used to avoid welded or gluded joints
  • Gates should be put in non-appearance areas
  • Ribs and Bosses should be designed to eliminate sink marks
  • Texturing can be used to break up large flat surfaces and hide any defects such as scratches
  • Draft angles should be at least 1degree for easy removal from mould
  • Parting lines should be put in non-significant areas if possible
  • "Close tolerance fits" must include the final plate thickness in the part design
  • Wall thickness should be as thick as possible for rigidity
  • Plate uniformity- which is a result of high and low current densities must be considereed in the inital design, the design should exclude: V grooves,  90 degree angles,  letters should be kept close to surface; angles should be as large as possible; large flat plances should be crowned
  • Consideration should also be given to drainage holes, rack contact areas and rigidity.
  • Hot runner systems are best, otherwise runner systems should be fully round, polished, max radii where possible with generous gates.

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