Why your price is higher or lower than previous?

Update Time:2015-10-15

Most refrigeration and HVAC heating exchange parts are made by aluminum and copper material due to the supreme good heat exchanging efficiency.

But aluminum and copper price are expensive and changed frequently and sometimes changed hugely, accordingly we will have to change the price for customers if material change out of range.

Generally our offer validity condition as:
- Aluminum material related parts:  +/- RMB1000.00 (USD160.00) per ton the part price no change
- Copper material related parts: +/-RMB2000.00 (USD320.00) per ton the part price no change

Raw material price following up:
Generally we follow the price index from SMM (Shanghai Metals Market), please visit website: http://www.metal.com.
Sometimes we will follow LME price, we will quote with such clarification.

Reference image of aluminum and copper price:


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