How air water generate secures drinking water quality?

Update Time:2015/10/1

How the air to water generator secures drinking water quality?

Our air to water generator's water cleaning and purication key technology as following:  

Safest and more purified drinking water

As scary as it sounds, our municipal watersupplies are not as safe as we think. In every city, around the World, varyinglevels of harmful chemicals are found in our "tap" water, includingeverything from arsenic, to prescription drugs and even human hormones. EASYWATER can make the safer and more purified drinking water from air in the ultra-mostfilter process.

However, EASYWATER AWGs also can easily be"plugged in" to existing water sources, too. And our unique ultra-mostfilter process will make sure that every last chemical, down to the microscopic level, is filtered out. Let you get only pure and delicious water.

Filter, filter, filter and then filter again

Sure, water extracted from the moisture inthe air is already relatively "clean" when compared to many othertraditional water sources. But, in order to make it absolutely purified, and asclean and delicious as water can possible be, we route it through a proprietarymulti-stage filtration process.

The powerful, organic filtration including:

Silver ion air filterThe silver ion air filter effectivelyprevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance.

Fin type evaporatorThe evaporator is made by anti-bacteria, food-contactand high corrosion-resistant coating hydrophilic aluminum foil to prevent anydirect metal contact with the water and to improve water production efficiency.

Bottom tank UV Lamp SterilizationIt Impedes contamination, growth of bacteriaand other microorganisms in the lower storage tank.

PP, GAC & CTO filter process

1st layer PP: Rust filtration of sand,impurity, rust & suspended substance

2nd layer GAC: Absorb and removeheterochrosis, odor, organics like chlorine, halocarbon 

3nd layer CTO: Absorb and remove heavy metal andorganics, remove micro particles like dust, protect RO film and extend its life

Reverse Osmosis Membrane (SEAHAN RO film)

Filtration precision: 0.001~0.0001 μ

Only water molecule can pass, it stopsimpurity like pesticide, bacteria, virus, heavy metal ion & all harmfulsubstance, then gets pure water

Ozone generator Sterilization

The ozone sterilization of bacteria andviruses is very fast & efficient. The ozone can oxidize and decomposeenzyme of bacteria internal glucose, make bacterial inactivation death. It candirectly destroy bacteria & viruses’ cells, DNA & RNA, destroy theirmetabolism and lead its death. The Ozone can penetrate membrane of the bacteria& viruses, destroy its lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, change the cellpermeability and result its cell lysis and death.

Top Tank UV Sanitizing  

It Minimizes bacteria levels in the upper watertank to the least possible number.





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